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I don't own the Zaurus anymore so there won't be any updates to this section. I'll keep it online for historical reasons and for reference. The feed will also stay online but won't get any updates or changes anymore.


Because the Zaurus is running Linux, it has all its great Networking capabilities. You can do nearly anything from normal Webbrowsing/Email to running Web/FTP/Filesrvers to installing an iptables firewall. Despite all this possibilities I will concentrate on normal Borwsing/Messaging and Security- and Networkchecking. This page focuses on the software side, for the used network hardware see the main Zaurus Pages Hardware section

WPA on Cacko

First a note on the Hardware: For prism2 based cards you need at least Firmware 1.7.0 for WPA to work. See the Main Zaurus Pages Links section for a Howto on flashing newer Firmware.

In Cacko, all the tools neede for using WPA-enabled WLANs are installed by default. To use WPA you need to do this steps:

  1. Open the Cacko Network configuration
  2. Add a new WLAN-connection
  3. On the “Account” Tab set a name for the connection, e.g. “WLAN-WPA”
  4. Leave the rest as it is (in “Config” Tab “Non-Spec ESS-ID “ANY”” should be enabled)
  5. Close the settings window with OK, saving the connection and also close the Network-configuration
  6. open the console and open /etc/pcmcia/wlan-ng.opts in your editor of choice as root
  7. search a section in the file which starts with “qpewlanX,*,*,*)” (where X is a number, e.g. 0 if WLAN-WPA is the only network you created) followed by INFO=“WLAN-WPA” (or whatever name your connection has)
  8. now add a new line below the INFO=.. line which says “WPA=y” (without quotes)
  9. Save the file
  10. Now create/edit the file /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf and add the networks you need there (look up its docs if you dont know the files syntax)

After adding the networks simply connecting to “WLAN-WPA” should connect you to the network using WPA. (note: you need DHCP enabled in the network)


IM: Centerim

A little CLI-program that can do many of the popular Instant Messaging protocolls (e.g. ICQ, AIM, jabber). Altough being a commandline prog its pretty user-friendly (IMHO ^^). It was distributed as a static binary, I've made an ipkg for it (get it from my feed).

Warwalking: Kimset

The standard install of kismet didn't work out of the box for me, you can find my way of getting it to work on a seperate page.

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