Zaurus Kismet Setup


I don't own the Zaurus anymore so there won't be any updates to this section. I'll keep it online for historical reasons and for reference. The feed will also stay online but won't get any updates or changes anymore.

Installing the Programs

Simply install the kismet package from the Cacko-feed. If you want speech-output you should as well install flite (see my feed, there should be an ipk soon)

Making necessary modifications

There is one little problem with running kismet on Cacko: by default, an inserted WLAN-Card gets suspended until you start a connection. So if Kismet tries to start, there is no WLAN-Card avaiable. I have modified kismets startup-script a little to resume and start the card before kismet starts. Second thing is you have to configure your kismet.conf to use your wlan-card

Since it would be difficult to describe the changes I uploaded them for you so you simply have to copy them over

Note: this setup was tested with the D-Link DCF660W and the Ambicom WL1100C cards. It should work with any Prism2 based card.

Get my config from this zip archive. It contains these files:

k.shThe modified startup-script, copy it to /opt/QtPalmtop/bin/
kismet.confThe config-file, adjusted for prism-based cards, copy to /opt/QtPalmtop/etc/kismet/
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