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Welcome to my site! I will write here about Arch Linux, open source, my Jolla Devices, Raspberry Pi and other stuff that interests me. Have fun looking around! If you have questions, suggestions or corrections feel free to leave a comment or send me an email.

Blog Posts

Arch Repository now Signed

As you may or may not know, I have a private package repository with some of the AUR-Packages I use frequently. Since today, I have activated Package-Signing for this Repo.

Update to the Mailserver post

I updated the post about my Mailserver setup today. I eliminated an extra pass of the mail through postfix after spam filtering. Dspam now directly delivers the mail to dovecot for filtering and putting it in the users mailbox.

I also adapted the changes for dspam to run as user vmail to systemd, since that is the default in arch for quite some time now.

Network-wide AdBlock with TomatoUSB

Recently I read about setting up an ad-blocking accesspoint using a Raspberry Pi on Adafruit. I quite like the idea of having ad-blocking as a centralized part of the network, especially when using a tablet or smartphone to access the Internet. Mobile devices often don't have good Ad-Blockers available or they cost a lot of performance. So in this post I will show how I integrated ad-blocking functionality into my router using the mentioned post as an inspiration.

Raspberry Pi Homecontrol - Hardware

Since autum is approaching and the weather is getting more and more cold and wet outside I have some time again to play with my Raspberry Pi(s) and implement a basic “Smart Home” setup. At the moment it just measures the temperature and can switch some RF-controlled wall sockets on and off over the network, but at least its a start :) Maybe I will implement some more functionality in the future. This post will be the first one of several describing the setup and will focus on the hardware-side of things. Please note that this isn't meant as a step by step guide to building the hardware, but rather a quick overview with the links to all necessary documentation I used.

Update Blogtng to Sqlite3

Since my distribution of choice updated to PHP 5.4 a while ago and the first modules of the old PHP 5.3 started to fail due to missing dependencies I had to update my server to PHP 5.4.

First Jolla Phone announced!

Normally I don't do advertisement on this blog, but I can't help but tell you about this: Jolla finally revealed their first Phone! Since I'm a big fan of the (discontinued) Nokia Maemo/Meego line (I had every tablet/phone since the N800 and the latest of them, the N9 is still my phone of choice) I'm really happy to see that Jolla, the company founded by former Nokia Meego Team members is finally showing their first phone to the world. We already saw quite some videos of the Sailfish OS in action, but they all where on the Nokia N950 (The Nokia Meego Development device). So now it is here, the first device designed for Sailfish OS.

Head over to jolla.com to see the details. You can also preorder there to show Jolla your support and that there is a market for this phone.

Also today (20.05.2013) there will be a live presentation from Jolla in Helsinki which can be seen here: http://jolla.streamforce1.tv/ at 16:30 GMT.

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