First Jolla Phone announced!

Normally I don't do advertisement on this blog, but I can't help but tell you about this: Jolla finally revealed their first Phone! Since I'm a big fan of the (discontinued) Nokia Maemo/Meego line (I had every tablet/phone since the N800 and the latest of them, the N9 is still my phone of choice) I'm really happy to see that Jolla, the company founded by former Nokia Meego Team members is finally showing their first phone to the world. We already saw quite some videos of the Sailfish OS in action, but they all where on the Nokia N950 (The Nokia Meego Development device). So now it is here, the first device designed for Sailfish OS.

Head over to to see the details. You can also preorder there to show Jolla your support and that there is a market for this phone.

Also today (20.05.2013) there will be a live presentation from Jolla in Helsinki which can be seen here: at 16:30 GMT.


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